Our Story

Welcome to our store! We are a cat-loving family in the U.S. and we hope to bring joy, humor, and crazy cat pics to everyone. We want you to enjoy your time here. Be sure to browse all of our items and pages; we love creative writing (on top of cat photography) and you’ll find odd gems sprinkled throughout the product descriptions. If nothing else, maybe you’ll get a chuckle while you’re here.

We started this page because we loved the name and enjoy cats and deer. Our staff consists of three quadrupeds:

Jum, (aka Mr. Jumbles) our fanciest tuxedo cat. He loves to eat and isn't afraid to tell you. He has been the speaker for the Universe's Council on Fancy Matters for a millennia.

Po, (aka Pollito, or Polito, or Yellow Kitty, or PoPo) is the sweetest cat ever to exist. He holds the world-record for sitting in a lap as a cat while looking cute. Po has a bag and box fetish as you'll see in the pics and vids on our Instagram feed @pussbucks.

Benny. Benny is our special little guy. He's a quasi-dwarf Maine-Coone mix who begs for treats and can't quite make his jumps onto the counter. The three of them love the store and personally designed several of the elements you’ll find here.


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