This website isn't the storage and shipping powerhouse that certain other large online retailers are. Because Pussbucks is a small operation placing small orders directly with the product manufacturers, orders can take more time to manufacture and ship:

Pussbucks Official Merch: 2 Weeks

Standard PB Items: 2 - 4 Weeks

Some Promotional Items: 1 - 4 Weeks

I know, that's crazy, but sadly it's true. Most items won't take the full time to arrive so please be patient. If you feel that you've waited too long, feel free to send us an E-Mail and we will track down your order. Promotional items may be sent directly from Pussbucks' business address meaning items can arrive in a handful of days.

Think of your purchases here as little gifts. By the time the item arrives, it will be a true surprise whether it was a gift for someone else or just a little something for you. The wait time will strengthen your resolve and character in this age of “have it now.” Please consider this information before ordering. But still order, because our wares are the Bees Knees... the CATS Pajamas, if you will. Ha!

Note: Official PB merch items ship from a US company that utilizes Fedex for most shipping. Unfortunately Fedex cannot deliver to PO Boxes. Orders for PB merch must go to a regular apartment, street, or business address.


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